NF Importers & Ducati Australia - DUCATI VARIOUS MODELS 2014 - 2018

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2014 - 2018
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What are the defects?

The floating piston in the Brembo front brake radial master cylinder of certain Ducati models is made from polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), which may crack when stressed. Stressors include track use, frequent use of the ABS system or the motorcycle falling.

What are the hazards?

Cracking of the piston could result in failure of the part and effective braking being jeopardised, leading to a potential crash hazard.

What should consumers do?

Owners of affected motorbikes should contact their nearest Ducati Service as soon as possible to make an appointment for the free update.
The update will take about 1 hour to complete. The PPS piston in the Brembo front brake master cylinder will be replaced by an aluminium piston.
While you can ride your bike to your Ducati Service, it is recommended that you ride at moderate speed and keep the proper safe distance from any other vehicle. Please consider that it is always possible to use the rear brake to stop the motorcycle.

For further information about this recall, please contact your local authorised dealer or alternatively send an email to
To locate your nearest Ducati Dealer, you can visit the website or follow the link
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NF Importers & Ducati Australia

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Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts is the responsible regulator for this recall.

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