Did you know there is a second critical Takata airbag recall?

The second critical Takata airbag recall commenced in November 2019 and remains active. It is referred to as the Takata NADI 5-AT recall.

What is the Takata NADI 5-AT airbag recall?

The Takata NADI 5-AT recall, is commonly referred to as the NADI recall and affects some cars manufactured by Audi, BMW, Ford, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Suzuki and Toyota between 1996 – 2001.

If involved in a collision, a faulty airbag may rupture causing sharp metal fragments to enter the vehicle cabin at high speed, killing or injuring vehicle occupants. There is also a risk the airbag may underinflate in a collision and may not protect the driver as intended.

In Australia, these airbags have been associated with at least four suspected mis-deployments resulting in two deaths and two serious injuries.

How do I check if my vehicle is part of the NADI recall?

There are a number of ways to check if your vehicle is part of the critical NADI recall. You can:

  • contact your vehicle manufacturer or nearest dealer/service centre to check
  • look up your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) on our website to see if it listed as an affected
  • search your vehicle manufacturer’s website for information on the recall. Some have a search function or tool where you can enter your VIN or even search by your vehicle registration number (rego).

What should I do if my vehicle is recalled?

If your vehicle is part of this recall the manufacturer has been trying to contact you using a number of ways including by phone, email, post or text message. It is imperative that you contact the manufacturer to have the issue fixed as soon as possible as driving your vehicle with a faulty airbag puts you, your family and passengers at risk in the event of an accident.

If your vehicle has been recalled, in most circumstances you will be asked to take it to the manufacturer or dealership for repair free of charge.

What should I do if I know someone with a vehicle that has been recalled?

If you know someone who has an affected vehicle, please encourage them to contact their vehicle manufacturer as soon as possible to have the issue fixed.

In Australia, these airbags have been associated with at least four suspected misdeployments that have resulted in two deaths and two serious injuries.

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